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  • Bryllupspar med hus i bakgrunn
  • Eventyrlig bryllup på Fretheim Hotel
  • Where the history lives and the soul gets peace
  • Eventyrlig bryllup på Fretheim Hotel
  • Where the history lives and the soul gets peace

Weddings at Fretheim Hotel

Fretheim Hotel is a lovely place to hold weddings – all year round. There are few places in the world more romantic than Flåm!

During the summer, there is an option for wedding guests to use the beautiful large garden located just outside the banquet room. The garden boasts apple trees, various fruit trees and delightful rose bushes. It is the ideal spot for the bridal couple and their guest to enjoy a welcome drink after the wedding ceremony. From here, a magnificent stone stairway leads into the actual banquet room.

If the wedding guests are staying at the hotel, there are a wide range of activities they can enjoy. There is the Flåm Railway, one of the most spectacular railways in the world. There are also boat trips on the Nærøyfjorden, which forms part of the Sognefjorden. In addition there are fjord safaris, kayaking, hiking in the Aurlandsdalen valley, cycling along the Old Navvies' Road (Rallarvegen), visits to mountain farms, or simply enjoying the wonderful nature, views and atmosphere that characterises Flåm.

We will be happy to make suggestions regarding table settings and decor, optimum location of gift table, bar, dancing area and playroom for children, where required. We can assist you with most things and it is also possible to arrange for the ceremony to be held at the hotel itself.

You may rest assured that if you decide to hold your wedding reception at Fretheim Hotel, you will be guaranteed total commitment on our part. We want your big day to be perfect!

Many people put a lot of time and effort into planning their wedding day, more than any other day in their lives. A wedding is one the major highpoints in life – where everything must be as perfect as possible. Here is some information that may be of use to you when planning your wedding:


Aurland Municipality has four wonderful churches to choose from, all in close proximity to Flåm: Vangen Church in Aurland, Flåm Church in Flåm, Undredal Church in Undredal and Bakka Church in Nærøyfjorden.


We can arrange transport by boat to three of the municipality's churches.

Welcome to a wedding celebration at Fretheim Hotel!