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The Navvies Road (Rallarvegen) is perhaps one of the most beautiful biking tracs in the world. It starts in the mountain and end up in front of Fretheim Hotel.

The Navvies Road (Rallarvegen) is an old construction road that was established to enable the building of the Bergen Railway. It is widely regarded as one of the most spectacular bike rides in the world. The old road, which is closed to automobile traffic, goes from Haugastøl to Finse and Hallingskeid, before descending to the fjord side village of Flåm. Attractions on the 80 km long road include stunning alpine scenery and number of historic buildings.

The Navvies Road is an exceptional adventure for individual travelers as well as groups; some enjoy the magnificent journey in itself, while others take the opportunity to combine this mountain adventure with a stay and perhaps a conference at Fretheim Hotel. Finse is Norway's highest altitude railway station, situated at 1222 meters above sea level. An attraction not to be missed is the Navvies Museum (Rallarmuseet). Further along the road, at Fagernut and 1310 meters altitude, is the highest railway caretaker's house in all of Norway. Travelers may enjoy a visit to Rallarkafeen (the Navvies Café), where the menu includes sluskesuppe, the soup once served to the railway construction workers. Early in the summer, the highest mountainous areas are still covered with snow.

Travelers are advised to take the train and start their journey at Hallingskeid. From here the Navvies Road descends steeply, through rugged mountain scenery and past raging rapids and thundering waterfalls. At Kleivagjelet ravine, the scenery is especially dramatic – we recommend travelers walk their bicycles down the steepest and narrowest stretches. The last 20 km of the Navvies Road are a gradual descent down Flåmsdalen, a valley made famous by the Flåmsbana Railway and the beautiful surrounding scenery. The difference in elevation between the fjord side village of Flåm and Myrdal Station on the mountain above is 865 meters. The impressive train journey is an adventure of contrasts. In fact, a train ride on the Flåmsbana Railway is an excellent alternative to cycling the full length of the Navvies Road, and this shorter and less strenuous journey has a longer season during which it may be enjoyed.



Haugastøl–Flåm, 8–12 hours

Finse–Flåm, 5–8 hours

Myrdal–Flåm, 1–2 hours

Season: 1 July – 30 September


Bicycle rental:

Haugastøl, Finse and Flåm