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Hiking in the Aurland valley or the Flåm valley explores green, lush, beautiful and clean sights. The valleys will give you fantastic experiences with nature!


The Flåm Valley

Visitors who take the time to explore the scenery and cultural heritage of the Flåm valley will be well rewarded! Flam Valley is a vibrant valley, with cheese dairy and several farms still in operation.

In addition to walking on your own, there are opportunities for more hikes in the Flåm valley with different themes and with your own host. You can take the Flåm Railway either up to the mountain station Myrdal, or one of the other stations on the court.

The lower part of the Flåm valley is free of snow almost all year, and it is estimated about 5 hours if you want to walk the valley, and about 2 hours if you want to walk half of it.


Aurlandsdalen – Exploring a Pristine Valley

You can hike the trails on your own, or join a knowledgeable local guide for this magnificent walk. We suggest a hike starting at Østerbø, 820 metres above sea level, and gradually descending to Vassbygdi, at 68 metres. The trail you walk, the lower part of an ancient thoroughfare between eastern and western Norway, passes through magnificent scenery and an old cultural landscape. The beautiful valley of Aurlandsdalen has a flora of 470 plant species, and here are crystal-clear rivers, raging waterfalls, and old farms that are being resuscitated by people who value their surroundings. Your guide will tell you colourful stories and explain the background of some of the amusing place names.

The last of the farms in the valley was abandoned early in the last century. Later the farmers from nearby villages used them for summer pastures – and Sinjarheim is still used for this purpose today. This farm has been caringly restored, in close cooperation with the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments. Today the School of Organic Agriculture in Aurland uses it for summer pasture. We'll give you a tour of Sinjarheim.

As we descend the valley, the trail splits. Here you have the choice between Bjørnestigen (the bear trail), or the more leisurely trail below. For the most dramatic view, choose Bjørnestigen! However, if you're bothered by vertigo, you must be warned that this trail is very steep, and you might do well to choose the alternative path.

We soon pass Vetlahelvete, a gigantic kettle pot carved in stone by the forces of ice and water. No one know exactly how deep the water-filled kettle is, but the play of sunlight on the dark water and the acoustics may make you feel as though you are in a natural cathedral.

This hike, which is one of the most beautiful in our tracts, comes warmly recommended!

Transport is straightforward; a bus from Flåm Station takes you to Østerbø, and a return bus goes from Vassbygdi. Our hotel reception will provide you with schedule information and can book a guide.

Duration: 6–8 hours

Season: June–September

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