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  • Where the history lives and the soul gets peace
  • Hike at the aurland mountain with guide
  • View from Stegastein Sogn og Fjordane
  • Aurlandsfjord
  • Flåmsbanen
  • Fretheimhotel christmas lobby

A stamp of quality

”Historic Hotels and Restaurants” is a unique organisation, counting many of Norway’s most charming hotels and restaurants as its members. A membership is considered a stamp of quality for the company, but involves continual, high demands and expectations for quality, architecture and the preservation of historical values. The organisation is internationally rooted in Historic Hotels of America, which are supported by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

As a member of Historic Hotels and Restaurants, our aim is to create new stories for our guests, through thrilling experiences with history as a backdrop. We hope that these stories will continue to unfold in the memories of our guests, long after their return home. Although each member of “The Historic” has a distinctive character, they also have several features in common: a warm welcome, an interesting history, traditional design and décor, good service, a friendly atmosphere and a high standard throughout. 

We offer a lot more than just a comfortable hotel bed and a tasty meal; we represent a wealth of experiences for body and soul. Fretheim Hotel is where your own history is created!

You will find more information about the Historic Hotels and Restaurants in our reception.